Today I had the opportunity to reflect on my work and what is really at the core of what I do with my clients which range from individual leaders to whole organisations.

It got me thinking about, what drives me and what makes me different.  I love connecting with other people and I really enjoy seeing them learn more about themselves and what makes them tick. Seeing someone realise they have far more choices than they thought is an absolute privilege to witness.

My passion is connecting people with their inner gold, their self awareness and their self belief.  Then applying that  to whatever situation or change they face.  I’ve learnt it’s never about the change or crisis it’s always about how we respond and my purpose is shining a light on all the choices we have and then helping them remove any blocks in the way.

Working with not for profit organisations and community groups really inspires me as they are all really passionate about creating changes in our community. Haven Home Safe is one of my clients that I absolutely love working with because of what they do and the people that work there.  They make a huge difference in the community and therefore by working with them so do I.

After coaching one of their executive team a project evolved to bring to life and deliver across the whole organisation a new performance management process.  That felt like such a perfect fit as it gave me the opportunity to combine my passion with their process.  I often find in organisations that processes drive the outcomes instead of the people driving the outcomes whilst using the process as a tool.

So what did the training focus on as well as the “how to complete the forms process”?

Self reflection for each team member on what I bring to this organisation and all other areas of my life. Being 100% responsible for my results and my world.

Understanding the jigsaw that makes up Haven Home Safe and where it all fits together, our purpose, mission and shared values and How I contribute to that as an individual.

What drives my behaviour and how to look beneath the surface of my own and my team members and how to deliver feedback safely and with respect.

What did my Executive Client think about the end result when asked about the training?  ” Everyone is on board, everyone is excited to begin the process of having a consistent, valuable and rich approach to performance.  This was not just another “work” opportunity for Anita it was training based on something she was passionate about and therefore the training as a result, really resonated with our staff”

That is why I love what I do, I get to connect with people making a difference.  I get to share my passion and my skills and make the challenging often “hard” stuff come alive and be owned by the people using it.

Processes are not what get results in business it’s the people using them and the more empowered they are the better the results for them, the organisation and every client.

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