Change Management

December 15, 2014


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It’s All About The Team and Their Why!
We understand how to deliver Change Management for a team to engage with new policy, new thinking, new behaviour.
In a recent project Human Resources brought the systems and processes they wanted to deliver and Anita brought these into reality, by getting each person to engage with the process on an individual, team and organisational level. Bringing in an outsider, brought in credibility and broke the resistance.
Anita facilitates increased self awareness and emotional awareness within  teams and individuals that leads to increased productivity, results with less stress, great output and better collaboration.
Do you understand what drives your team’s values or more importantly do they?
Your team can begin to understand their own behaviour and then challenge this behaviour. Resulting in increased mutual agreement and two way feedback.
“A policy is just a policy that sits in a manual – unless people use it”.
It’s All About You
Change Management for Crisis
– workshop
– set of tools
– creating a tool kit for leaders
It’s All About You is for individuals facing a change or just been through change. It is for leaders in an organisation where change has happened, or entering change and helping your team get ready.
The people side of change management, not process or policy it’s the people that deliver, adapt or resist any change.
Anita’s focus is always about Empowering people in the midst of change and keeping them engaged and above the line.
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