What is Above the Line Thinking?

Being above the line is a way of thinking and being, a space of total empowerment and choice. If you have the ability to respond (responsibility) for everything in your world then you also have the power and choice to change it.

Above the Line Thinking gives you one on one coaching, in the workplace or outside the workplace.  We coach you and your team.

Above the Line Coaching

  • Authentic Leadership

    Feel like you are just surviving in leadership and it is time to move beyond this? Get great results and give to others in your team so that they can do the same. The biggest fear leaders have is that other people will find out that they have no idea what they are doing! Imagine […]

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  • Change Management

    H2 It’s All About The Team Change Management for a team to engage with new policy. Human Resources brought the systems and processes and Above the Line Thinking brought these into reality. By getting each person to engage with the process. Focus approach on her project. Bringing and outsider brought in credibility and broke the […]

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