How many times have you heard that saying or said it yourself?

I was chatting to a friend about a situation that she wanted to be different and I suggested how she might drive the change by speaking up she responded with that very saying “Easier said than done”.
It got me thinking about that phrase and how we use it and why? I agree most things are easier said than done.  I’m going to train to run a marathon is much easier to say than to do. One takes about a second to say and the other probably takes about six months of discipline, pain and focus. That’s how it looks in my mind, I’m not a runner as you can probably tell.

If you don’t like the way someone is treating you, saying so is often easier said than done. Saying no to something you don’t want to do is easier said then done depending on who is asking.

So notice when you use “easier said than done” and dig a bit deeper into why you just dismissed the idea.

If you want to make the change and I believe change is always possible I thought I’d share a few tips that helped with changes I’ve made and seen others make successfully and how we did that. The key things that stood out were,

One thing at a time

Don’t try and make lots of changes all at once it can feel overwhelming and create too much uncertainty, which will just lead to going back to what is certain and familiar. It’s a much better feeling to make one change completely than lots of change partially.

Focus on the why!

You have to be invested in and really connected to why you are making this change. Get clear on that before you even begin.  What are the benefits? What are you gaining? Visualise yourself having made the change.  What does it look like? How do you feel? What are you saying to yourself?

Make yourself massive reminders of your why so you are connected to it constantly. There are always challenging times around any change so these reminders are there for those times.  Try these:-

Write yourself a note on your bathroom mirror in dry marker or on the tiles you’ll see it at least twice a day when cleaning your teeth or showering.

Put notes up on the fridge or inside kitchen or office doors that you open often

Create a screen saver or background with pics or words that remind you why you are doing what you are doing.

Have fun coming up with any others that you can think of share here with others.

Get some support along the way.

It is much easier to change when you have others on your team.

Share your why and your vision of you, having made the change with people who you know will support you. Ask them to hold you accountable, see if any of them want to buddy up and also make the same changes.

Sometimes people will try to sabotage you in an attempt to get you to stay the same. Your change could create uncertainty for them and they might think they can’t cope with it.

If you publicly announce a change you are making it’s a much bigger commitment on your part as well, it means you are owning it and are much more likely to succeed.

Change isn’t easy.  Of course it’s easier said than done.  What I’ve noticed is that we say that in order to dismiss the possibility and keep ourselves safe, away from challenge or perceived conflict and so exactly where we were not having to work at the change.  That is why you have to be ready to make a change, ready to do what needs doing, ready to be who you need to be to keep going until the change becomes your new normal.

If you would like to share any changes you have made, how you did it or would like support with a change you would like to make.

Let me know here [email protected]


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